Exclusive interview with Deepend, Tom Staar and Danny Avila!

Jun 17, 2019

It seems far away, but before you know it, the time has come! Our Spinnin' Sessions show at Ministry of Sound Club will be amazing this year and we've asked asked Deepend, SKIY and Danny Avila why this will be such a great show!

What are you up to at this moment?
Danny Avila: "I'm currently back in Madrid after I playes shows in China. So I'm recovering from a long travel and already looking forward to my next gig that will be in Hong Kong."
Deepend: "I'm currently in London to see Eric Prydz his HOLO show and I just played Emporium Festival in The Netherlands.
SKIY: "I'm in beautiful Germany at the moment. My last gig was here in Dortmund at the incredible MAYDAY. I had the chance to test my latest release, Eyes For You, and also some new and upcoming tracks and it was just amazing. 

What is your favorite performance to date?
Jack Wins: "Last year I did the final set in the 103 at Ministry of Sound, which was a lot of fun - I played for 2,5 hours, which I really enjoyed. Also the crowd was really into it, which meant I was able to play a lot of unknown/upfront music, which is always fun."
SKIY: "My show together with OIiver Heldens at Docks Hamburg was an absolute honor to me. It was so much fun and absolutely amazing to play a show with such an inspiring person and artist."

What can we expect at Spinnin' Sessions' Ministry of Sound Club?
Tom Staar: "Lots of new music, im always working on and testing out stuff all the time, so alot of that! Mixed up with some of my older stuff."
Ellis: "NEW MUSIC! I have so much new material to play out and I can't wait to share it. Also off course a lot of jumping, you can always expect that from one of our shows."
Deepend: "I’m currently finishing some very cool club tracks that will be premiered during my set. I will also debut my brand new visuals during the show!"

How excited are you to play join the iconic venue?
SKIY: "I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS! It’s going to be epic, really! Totally excited, haha!"
Jack Wins: "The last time was when I played in the 103, the first time was in 2001, which I’ll never forget – after hearing so much about the club and then actually experience it was a big deal to me.
Spinnin’ also has a special place for me – I’ve known some of the guys there for over 15 years now and have seen the label grow from a small Dutch Dance label, to the biggest in the world – very honoured to release music on this label and being able to play on this special event."

The DJ's are very excited, we hope you're too! Are you? Than buy your tickets now! Click here for more information.