Talent Pool Spotlight: Odhexan wants to remind people what 70s/80s grooves feels like with 'Upside'

Jun 17, 2019

It's time for a new Talent Pool Spotlight this beautiful Monday! Today it's Odhexan with his track 'Upside'. You've got to check this one, especially when you're having the Monday blues. Check out the exclusive interview now!

What can you tell us about this track?
"I've been greatly inspired by artists like Mercer and his tracks! He managed to bring so many groovy and funky sound into modern music and it totally inspired me for my new productions. I really wanted to remind people of the 70s/80s groove and to make them feel same kind of emotion", Odhexan said. "That irresistible will to move and dance when you hear funk music, that moment when you just can't stay still." He also explains where the title came from: "'Upside' is some kind of tribute to one of the most iconic disco track, Diana Ross' 'Upside Down'". 

What makes you unique as an artist?
It all started a long time ago for Odhexan. "I started playing guitar like 9 years ago. I've been into funk, rock and blues. I discovered house music about 5 years ago", he said. Friends told him about the genre Drum 'n' Bass and that it's not the easiest genre to listen to. "It's not easy to listen to when you know nothing about house music, but it gave me the will to know more! The background inspires me every day and I guess the theoretical music knowledge helps me a lot to quickly know if things are at the right place."

What do you like the most about the Talent Pool?
"It clearly enables artists that don't have many followers to get their music out", Odhexan said. He also sees this as an opportunity to get his music heard: "It is a chance to have your music out on the Spinnin' brand, and I guess A&R have more chances to listen to your track compared to an email box where they would get 200 mails a day!"

Listen to Odhexan's 'Upside' now!