Exclusive interview Sam Feldt: 'People love the good vibes of 'Post Malone''

Jul 9, 2019

Sam Feldt is currently scoring a huge hit with 'Post Malone' (feat. RANI), scoring millions of streams while supported all over the world. We had an exclusive interview with him about his summer activities, the current success, and confusion that comes with it. 

Hey Sam, what have you been up to lately? 
"I'm doing great! During the summer it is always super busy and I have to travel a lot but it is totally worth it because I have to change to play at so many cool places. I just did a whole America tour which was great because lots of people sang along with 'Post Malone' during the shows. That's such a special feeling! 

And last weekend I did my first show together with RANI at We Are Electric in my hometown Boxtel, that was really fun and the fans loved it when RANI performed 'Post Malone'. I guess it's safe to say people love the good vibes of 'Post Malone'." 

You said it! You are currently enjoying a huge hit with ‘Post Malone’ (feat. RANI). What can you tell us about this track? 
"After spotting RANI and her beautiful voice little under a year ago, we’ve been sending vocal ideas back and forth ever since. Once she sent over the rough outlines for 'Post Malone' I immediately loved the 'your vibe attracts your tribe' message around it. We worked several weeks perfecting the vocals and after that got cracking in the studio to turn it into a summer-ready (after) party anthem. I think the end result is a perfect balance between RANI’s poppy vocals and the signature Sam Feldt summer sound."

The track has already crossed over 26 million streams on Spotify, while the video has also been watched close to 800k times. Did you ever expect this record to turn so big?
"Well of course I loved the track myself and believed it would bring the good vibes that I wanted to create but those numbers are insane and are way higher then I could ever dream of!"

What has been the craziest thing you’ve heard about the success of this track so far?
"That people are waiting for Post Malone to sing on the track. I get the confusion but the title is 'Post Malone' not the artist name haha! I think it's funny though." 

Have you by any chance heard something from Post Malone?
"No not yet, but since we are both in the Spotify Today's Top Hits playlist (biggest Spotify playlist) I guess he must have heard about the track right?"

What’s coming up now for you? 
"I have some cool gigs coming up, this weekend I will play at Airbeat One festival in Germany and of course Tomorrowland both weekends. I'm doing the the Sexy by Nature stage the first weekend and Main stage the second weekend. I'm really looking forward to that! I was meant to play on the Main Stage last year but I missed it because I broke my leg and had to stay at home. So you can imagine how hyped I am about that one. 
In the beginning of September I will go to Scotland for some days in the studio with an awesome team. I'm looking forward to producing some great music over there!" 

Sam Feldt - 'Post Malone' (feat. RANI) is out now on Spinnin' Records.