Talent Pool Spotlight: Wann & Leon Sherman released 'Spend The Night'

Aug 26, 2019

It's time for a new Talent Pool Spotlight! This Monday Wann & Leon released their track 'Spend The Night' at Spinnin' Records' Talent Pool. Check out the exclusive interview now!

What can you tell us about this track?
It’s a tune that is easy lovin’, easy going. It has a soft and warm intro that is powered by Leon his vocals and from that point on the track just takes you on a journey.
Spend The Night is the kind of track you can wake up with, listen to in the gym or make it your Netflix and chill anthem.

Why did you choose for this style?
Why this style, we did not choose the style, it just happened. Leon and I were jammin’ and the base elements of the track just came together while jammin’. Before I knew it, the Deep House Sound was created. Music is a feeling and sometimes you just gotta flow with it to get great results.

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?
The fact that they give me and other talented producers a chance to get our music out there. It also gives me a chance to discover new artists like myself, so I can learn and grow even further.

Listen to 'Spend The Night' now!