Talent Pool Spotlight: Victor Tellagio releases a track with a message

Sep 2, 2019

Monday, so time for a brand new Talent Pool Spotlight! Today Victor Tellagio released his track 'Genres' at Spinnin' Records Talent Pool. Check out the exclusive interview!

What can you tell us about this track? 
"For me this track was all about the message. I heard many people from the underground scene talking bad about the mainstream (EDM) etc. For me personally it was always about good music to play/listen no matter what the genres say. So, I decided I would start a new track around this idea. At the same time Tiesto played my track at the Ultra 2019 mainstage so I wanted to keep my “signature” Victor Tellagio sound in this new project. I combined the vocals with club friendly production and that’s how Genres was born!"

Why did you choose for this style?
"I love to combine modern “EDM” sounds with "Old School” techno/house elements in my production every time. I also love to keep the “dark” vibe present in my tracks so I decided I would continue producing this way."

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?
"I love how Spinnin’ is giving young talents a big opportunity! I really respect/appreciate the job the Talent Pool division is doing. I met a lot people in the industry which seem to be helpful, but it turned out opposite way! Luckily these people are honest and if they really feel you’re talented, I’m sure they will help you. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch!"

Listen to Victor Tellegio - Genres now!