Marc Brothers and Ez Quew mixed different genres together in 'No More Tears'

Mar 9, 2020

Marc Brothers and Ez Quew released 'No More Tears' today! This isn't their first collaboration, so we expect a lot from this track. Check out the interview now!

What can you tell us about this track?
"This is actually a follow-up to our previous collaboration called 'Juicy Lemon' and was made shortly after that one was released. It's a happy future house track with fresh sound design and a catchy melody. It was actually made with very similar sounds to 'Juicy Lemon'. We got a lot of great feedback and supports from bigger artists on that one so we had to make a follow-up!"

Why did you choose for this style?
"I have always been into making uplifting melodies and it's definitely something that could put you in a good mood. I think this style represent us both very good as artists and where we put our own touch to it. The vocals are following the lead melody very nicely which makes it easy to sing-a-long to."

What makes you unique as an artist?
"I would say my sound design, melodies and the fact that I am mixing different genres together. For almost every track I make, the goal is to make it suitable both for the dancefloor and for the radio which is a difficult task. My artist name is also pretty unique which is pronounced 'ease queue'. Ease the playing queue with putting on 'Ez Quew'." 

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?
I really like how the platform brings producers together with different styles and backgrounds. And also the fact that bigger producers take their time to look through the Talent Pool every now and then. We could all learn from each other and this platform gives the opportunity to do so. 

Listen 'No More Tears' by Marc Brothers and Ez Quew now!