Sam Feldt shares Heartfeldt vibes in time of unity

Mar 19, 2020

Dutch DJ/producer Sam Feldt has released a statement regarding the launch of his label Heartfeldt Records. Read the full message, including the announcement of the label's debut release, below.

"In the light of the current Corona Virus situation, I doubted postponing the long-planned launch of my own label Heartfeldt Records. In times like these, one really questions their own values and beliefs - and we are all forced into introspection. After thinking about this long and hard, I've decided to move ahead with the launch of the label - hoping for it to become a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration and enjoyment in these challenging times we all face.

This is not just another record label. Heartfeldt stands for everything that I believe is relevant right now: caring for one another and the planet, doing things with passion and holding your loved ones close. With this vision in mind, we are building a movement, a Heartfeldt Family. Supporting upcoming talent, while at the same time giving back to mother earth and making a difference by donating 1% of our net receipts to the Heartfeldt Foundation. With this first release, Hold Me Close and the #LetsStayHome campaign, I am looking to spread a message of love for each other, the planet and mankind."

The debut release on Heartfeldt Records feels appropriate. 'Hold Me Close' (feat. Ella Henderson) brings the love and inspiration needed in these trying times. The track's title suggests to keep your loved ones close, while the following lyric 'let's stay home' underlines how happiness often is closer than you think. 

The accompanying #letsstayhome is also a gesture to everyone currently stuck in home quarantine. To provide these people a spark of good vibes and perhaps inspire all those home producers to make use of this time to create new, beautiful music that will hopefully change the world. Music connects, and Heartfeldt aims to make a lasting contribution!

Stay tuned for this release on the 'Hold Me Close' pre-save page!