Talent Pool Spotlight with BoonT: 'After 7 versions, here's the final!'

Apr 8, 2020

BoonT released his track 'Waiting'! It's time to put BoonT in the spotlights, so check out this interview!

What can you tell us about this track?
"I have made the whole track on FL Studio, and it took me a long time to find the best one after making seven versions of it. For me all the interest in this song is the contrast between the break, which is very chill and melodic, and the drop which is way more aggressive. This is why it can easily be played in Clubs or DJ set. This is the kind of medley that I wanted to do, and I am pretty happy with the final result."

What makes you unique as an artist?
"I’ve always been very sensitive about the world around me, and I take a lot of inspiration from that. When I create a track, I want to share my feelings through the melodies and the tone of the song. Music is for me the best way to convey emotions. I want to spread good vibes around me, I’ve always been very energetic and positive, I’d like to transmit it to people who listen to my music."

What is your goal with your music?
"I’m still searching for myself in the music industry. It’s such a long process to find the perfect sound. The most famous and influential DJ have their own style or their own sound. When you listen to a music randomly, you'll always recognise his style of producing. For example Brooks has that big Future House EDM chord style, Jonas Aden has this plucky sound in his drops…Well my goal is to find the sound which correspond to me. I am inspired by many artists and I listen to all kind of music from Jazz to Dubstep. I hope that one day I will contribute and bring something to the music industry. Seeing people love and be touched by my work is the best recognition I can have and I hope that my music will reach more and more people as time goes on."

Check out 'Waiting' by BoonT now!