Talent Pool Spotlight with Rush & Crush and Rush & Hydro: 'We have finished this collaboration after a long journey!'

May 4, 2020

What can you tell us about this track?

(Rush & Crush): "This collaboration has finished after a long journey. It took more than a year to finish it while having lots of feedback from the top producers. The first versions of the track had a strong bass sound but after we did a collaboration, the track becomes more deep and fresh, so we decided to finish it as a more summer feeling track which makes you sad but at the same time can make you dance. At ADE 2019, in Q-Factory Amsterdam, musicbyLUKAS has chosen the track as one of the favorite demos of Spinnin' Demo Sessions. After his feedback, the track was ready to release!"

(Rush & Hydro): "Give Me Your Lovin" started approximately one year and half ago, it has been a very long journey, maybe the longest one of our whole discography. The reason why that song seized so big period is due to the fact we considered all the feedbacks and comments we received from key players in the electronic dance music scene. It has been very important for us to receive those tips and suggestions for improving step by step our song, in order to accomplish what the market is searching for and aligned it with what we really want to highlight with our sound."

Why did you choose this style?

(Rush & Hydro): "The style we choose for “Give Me Your Lovin” is able to combine two important features: the first one is our sound that must be present in all of our productions, and the second one is about what the music industry is looking for. We mean, from our side it’s pivotal having a look at what the music scene is nowadays hunting for and combine it with the aim to be as much contemporary as we can. In our opinion the style is something strictly connected with a precise historical moment, so it’s essential to follow it in order to try to achieve always a fresh and catchy mood, but at the same time it’s fundamental to keep your own sound, improving it day by day."

(Rush & Crush): "We wanted to come up with a summer feeling radio track which gives a chill mood but at the same time, keeps your energy high."

What makes you unique as an artist?

(Rush & Crush): "We want to experience every form of music while we are producing and trying to come up with something different and new every time. We think we can reach every human being on earth by music in this way, instead of having only a "bass" style and a certain type of audience. The recent crisis of a virus has shown us that not everything is about your status or title, but mostly about emotions and feelings which are making us human beings. If we can touch the souls of people and reflect our emotions on them by our music, then it is a success for us."

(Rush & Hydro): "We’re always trying to leave our footprint in each track we produce. Starting from our emotions we look for some specific sounds which are capable to reproduce them. We think that we are unique as each person itself in the world. People use different kinds of languages to share their feelings, as for example art, poetry, theatre, music, that are all artistic expressions you can use to talk about yourself; we have been choosing music because it’s the kind of language which is closer to us and it allows us to express who we are. "

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?

(Rush & Crush): "We like the exclusiveness of the Talent Pool when we listen to the tracks of the Talent Pool, most of the time we are surprised by their own unique styles and how they present it as the way of their producing. Sometimes we are even inspired by the demos of the Talent Pool. "

(Rush & Hydro): "Talent Pool, and Spinnin’ Records in general, is one of the few labels in the electronic dance music scene that selects original, unique and creative tracks. We mean, mostly of the labels in the industry are searching for songs which have the “label’s signature sound” and not the “producer’s signature sound”. The problem is that, in this way, young producers have to use a precise sound in order to get the possibility to get signed by these labels that are only looking for that specific sort of sound, and this is something terrible in terms of creativity. This doesn’t happen with Talent Pool, that is currently giving us the opportunity to show who we are and what our sound is without any creative limits."

What is your goal with your music?

(Rush & Crush): "Our goal is to take our career to the next level and reach a worldwide audience by touching people's souls with our music."

(Rush & Hydro): "We use music to share an emotion with someone else on the other side of the world, even if it was just a person. In our mind we would like to reach all those people and support them giving energy during positive moments or overwhelming negative situations. Music is a language, we need it to express ourselves without using words. Our main goal is trying to attain the largest audience possible in order to connect us with people from all over the world."