Feb 1, 2021

We have asked the winner of our Firebeatz x Tracklib contest to tell us a bit more about his story and his passion for music.

Who are you and where are you from?

'We are Arengers, platinum producers from France, based in the south next to Toulouse, same as Sandy Vee.'

What can you tell us about this track?

'Honestly it was a challenge for us because we are not coming from the Electro world but in the meantime I guess it’s our strength, it gives us an out of the box vision which was by the way highlighted in the feedbacks given by Firebeatz.'

Why did you choose this style?

'We have chosen this style for both its inspiring vintage/old school aspects and its use of real instruments which gives the track a timeless sound. We did it at the ‘La Tanière’ studio using a real acoustic bass played by the talented Clément Libes, twicked by a pair of Pultec to add an analog sound to it.'

Have you worked with Tracklib before and what was your experience?

'We really enjoy using Tracklib as it allows us to go beyond the limits of our creativity. Being able to access such qualitative samples is a great opportunity for all producers and composers. I personally know the composer Tarik Azzouz, he made hits using Tracklib, especially ‘Harden’ by Lil Wayne.'

What makes you unique as an artist?

'Being uniques doesn't necessarily mean being original from A to Z, it's more about injecting some elements that make you different. We all have our own influences but we will be able to remain unique only if we can follow our intuition. My art director is called "Goosebumps" is my A&R.'

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?

'We like Talent Pool as it gives the opportunity to all bedroom producers to show their skills, it gives them a stage. On top of that it helps to strengthen its business credibility as being signed by Spinnin is a huge achievement.'

What is your goal with your music? 

'We compose music for artists from all around the world but we wish to do some ghost producing for DJs as well. We are currently working on our own 7 tracks EP using some samples from Tracklib. Who knows, maybe one day Spinnin' will license it.'

Keep your eye out for The Arengers release on our Spinnin’ Talent Pool.

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