May 6, 2021


ISVEL is a Belarusian producer and DJ. music has become his love since his childhood, when he played the piano and listened to vinyl records of popular artists, turning different controls on the record-player to change the sound of music.

In 2008 he saw the performance of 'Tiesto- In Concert', which was the very first time when he discovered dance music for himself. He listened to a lot of music and became very interested in its core. A while later, he started to study different DAW, VST and sound design for making his own compositions. Additionally, he developed as a DJ and lived in China for a while, where he performed and played on tours.

For 8 years he has been creating Trance music as an artist 'Omniks', many tracks and remixes have been released, they were played by top artists of the trance scene. Now it is time to move forward and expand his capabilities, for this was created a new project

What can you tell us about this track?

I started to create this track a year ago, but due to the lack of the better main idea, I forgot about it. But now when I was watching the stories on Instagram, I saw the contest with the Sander van Doorn, and I remembered that I have a track that could be suitable for this competition. In 2 days in the studio I completely changed the whole track also using "Sander van Doorn Ultimate Sample Pack Collection", after which my new track "Spectrum" was created.

Why did you choose this style?

I like to listen to a lot of different music, I also always listen to fresh releases on Doorn records, and after listening to music I was filled with this vibe, and the atmosphere music with techno elements. This sound was new to me, and I had never created anything like it, it was very interesting.

What makes you unique as an artist?

I think that my new project ISVEL is unique in that I can create completely various music, with different sound and not stick to the same style, because when I start to create a new track, I do not know what will happen in the end, because every time I have a different mood that I convey with my music, and I think this is a cool opportunity to bring my music to more people.

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?

Talent Pool is a cool platform for upcoming and professional artists. This platform gives you a chance to show your skills and get feedback from listeners. And also the opportunity to become part of the huge Spinnin Records family.

What is your goal with your music?

Music for me is more than life, it is the meaning of my life. Every day I wait for the time when I can open my DAW and start creating new music. My goal in music is to bring something new to the world, constantly move forward, create a unique sound, get new acquaintances, collaborate with various artists and reach new listeners with my music as much as possible.

Check out Sander van Doorn: The Ultimate Sample Collection on Splice here.

Find the winning track from ISVELMUSIC below: