Spinnin' Records teams up with FaderPro to introduce the Spinnin’ Academy Pro Masterclasses!

Aug 24, 2021

Grab your notebooks and get ready to learn, it is time for masterclasses! Introducing Spinnin’ Academy Pro Masterclasses, a series of professional level courses that’ve been meticulously designed by Spinnin’s proven talent roster to give up-and-coming producers a leg up in their journeys to musical success. Together with FaderPro, a digital learning platform known for its full length masterclasses with professional DJs and producers from around the world, we are offering fully dedicated masterclasses to give a step-by-step insight into the creation of hit tracks from start to finish. 

Spinnin' Records is here to raise the bar of electronic music education and elevate the attendees of Spinnin’ Academy Pro Masterclasses to be ready for the world stage with courses being rolled out over the next several months. We have Italy's very own production wunderkind SLVR to kick off the Spinnin' Academy Pro Masterclasses! Opening the vault to his musical mastery with over 3,5 hours of in-depth studio tutorials, SLVR invites you into his songwriting process from start to finish on August 26th!

We're also extending a special offer to members of the Spinnin' Talent Pool, who can save 20% on all of the upcoming masterclasses with the promo code 'TALENTPOOL'. Find the course and get more information right here.