Oct 11, 2021

Spinnin’ Records continues its ongoing partnership with FaderPro, unveiling the second course in the Spinnin’ Academy Pro Masterclass series-- hosted by none other than French standout, Watermät. The Masterclass series is a collection of professional level courses that’ve been meticulously designed by Spinnin’s proven talent roster to give up-and-coming producers a leg up in their journeys to musical success.

FaderPro is a digital learning platform that’s dedicated to full length masterclasses with professional DJs and producers from around the world, offering step-by-step insight into the creation of hit tracks from start to finish. This makes FaderPro the perfect partner for Spinnin’ Records, whose ongoing efforts to educate and foster rising dance music talent includes the world famous Spinnin’ Talent Pool and the World’s Biggest Demo Drop. Together, Spinnin’ Records and FaderPro aim to raise the bar of electronic music education, elevating attendees of the Spinnin’ Academy Pro Masterclasses to be ready for the world stage.

The newest release in the Spinnin’ Academy Pro Masterclass links producers with the nuanced and expressive talents of Watermät, known by many for his meticulously produced single ‘Bullit’. In this exclusive one-on-one studio session, Watermät will spend nearly four hours shedding light on the entire creative process behind his recent single ‘Season’--from start to finish . Beginning with nothing but a simple template, attendees will see Watermät do it all--from programming a foundational chord progression to a comprehensive look at the capabilities of automation, truly no stone is left unturned.

Visit FaderPro to learn more about, or participate in Watermät’s Track from Scratch course.