Jan 26, 2023

Spinnin' Records places the discovery and development of dance music talent at its core. The World's Biggest Demo Drop (WBDD) is an annual demo contest, dedicated to giving up-and-coming producers a chance to release on Spinnin' Records, Musical Freedom and Spinnin' Create along with other prize packs. Talents from all over the world are able to enter by submitting their original demo through the custom WBDD website by sharing their SoundCloud upload. 

After an electrifying display of music mastery and hours of production, the following music producers have been named the winners by conquering a tough crowd of professional panel of judges. We are very thankful to everyone who joined and rocked this year's edition of the World's Biggest Demo Drop- you really gave it your all! Stay tuned and we will see you all on the new year's edition of the World's Biggest Demo Drop.

In addition to all the contestants we would also like to thank our partners for this contest. The World's Biggest Demo Drop was supported by BandLab and LGND Music.


BandLab is a social music platform empowering creators to make and share music without barriers. As seen by a thriving global community of over 50 million creators, BandLab’s free cross-platform DAW and creator-centric features and tools have become invaluable to artists around the world who want to express their limitless creativity. By offering a free and unlimited service, BandLab envisions a future where there are no boundaries to making and sharing music.

Visit the BandLab website here. 

LGND MUSIC is an e-commerce and interactive platform builder delivering the revolutionary benefits of blockchain through consumer-friendly technology designed  for mass adoption.  The family of art and music NFT-brands connects and introduces creators to their fans through unique experiences and interactions. LGND Music will launch in January 2023 and is a music and collectibles platform for the broad market; bringing fans into an immersive NFT-based ecosystem that connects them with their favorite artists and fosters  discovery of emerging talent. For more information, visit the LGND Music website.


ANDROZONE is a 24-year-old Danish EDM producer and DJ, known for his Deep and energetic house music with great melodies, catchy hooks, and a futuristic and dreamy aesthetic. With a background in pop music, he has a flair for making hit songs and he's able to blend different musical styles and create a unique and exciting sound. The name ANDROZONE is a combination of the words "android" and "zone" that represents his love for technology and the future. The android symbolizes the innovative and forward-thinking aspect of his music while the zone represents the idea of creating a specific space, a zone where his music can take listeners on a journey

Listen to PEDESTAL here. 


VXSION is the new promise in the electronic scene. Living in Miami, Florida since 2016... the young Brazilian from Pernambuco, Recife came to America with a dream. His father (Paulo M) was a big inspiration to him as he taught him how to DJ. From there at 14 years old, VXSION started producing with a mission to create the project. VXSION's identity is based on soulful electronic afro house, old synthesisers, detuned pianos, noise, imperfections. The project has already received support from many DJ's such as Vintage Culture, Jamie Jones, Jp Castro, etc.

Listen to PARASAH here


Cody Heims, aka INSIRA, is a rising musician & influencer who specializes in melodic bass music. Melodic Bass is more of a mix of melodic dubstep and future bas). Working under the label – Melodic Bassment Records, he has carved out a unique identity for himself across all digital platforms how to strike the right chords with the right people. He has unapologetically placed himself in this category. 

Listen to HUSH here. 


Matisso started playing the drums in late 2004. Ever since he was young he's had a thing for music. Due to his Asperger's, he is very creative and experiences music with a lot of emotion. After playing the drums for seven years he decided to move on to electronic dance music. In a few years he taught himself how to produce his own tracks and remixes. Since then his records have been supported by some big names in the industry such as Blasterjaxx, Timmy Trumpet, Nicky Romero, Dada Life, Mike Williams and many more. Besides that, he started his own radio show and has released on labels such as Protocol Recordings and Future House Cloud. 



FNTZY is an up and coming DJ and Producer from Israel. Mainly focusing on the style of house, FNTZY started releasing at the age of 13 with his first track "Al Perreo". He signed his first track on Spinnin' Create after winning the WBDD of 2022. He has also been supported by top artists and labels such as: Angemi, TEAMMBL, Toxic Wraith, Red Ocean, Bass House Music, etc.

Listen to AL PERREO here. 


The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is one of the decentralized virtual worlds that has been fueling the recent growth of virtual real estate demand, having partnered with major brands including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, The Rabbids, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Richie Hawtin, The Smurfs, Care Bears, Atari, ZEPETO, CryptoKitties, and more. Building on existing The Sandbox IP that has more than 40 million global installs on mobile, The Sandbox metaverse offers players and creators a decentralized and intuitive platform to create immersive 3D worlds and game experiences and to safely store, trade, and monetize their creations.

For the first time, tracks from this year’s winners will not only be released on Spinnin’ Records but will also become NFT products with LGND Music, enabling a new dimension of digital distribution for winners. The event’s official release party, held for the first time online in The Sandbox, will feature music from each of the winning DJs and a virtual appearance by each DJ as a non-player character (NPC) that players can interact with.
From January 26th until February 8th, you can join the WBDD release party here.