5 years Kris Kross Amsterdam documentary by Desperados

Jan 26, 2017

Kris Kross Amsterdam

3 guys

5 years

1 story


116.000 views of the documentary via Spinnin' TV


Total online reach beyond 380.000

Kris Kross Amsterdam, famous because of their hit "Sex" with 368 million plays on Spotify, started in a small Dutch village in a local club. 5 years later this DJ-trio is internationally well known, hosted many events, have millions of Spotify plays and many other highlights. Their story is captured in a special documentary thanks to Desperados, the world’s first Tequila beer. Desperados had the freedom to follow the guys for 6 months, which resulted in a special story with shows, parties, interviews and many other highlights. The mini-docu gives an insight in the crazy life of Sander, Jordy and Yuki. How is it to start in a local club and grow to an international act? You will see the guys during the success of their major hit " SEX" and during the preparations of their 5-year anniversary party. 

The documentary was broadcasted for the first time during a press launch in an intimate club in Amsterdam. You will now see the documentary on Spinnin' TV and the socials of KKA and Desperados.