Nov 28, 2023

Samsung Nederland and Mr. Belt & Wezol organised the first ever Dutch Sleep Rave. On Monday October 16th Hotel Arena, usually a party venue, was transformed to one big bedroom. Mr. Belt & Wezol kicked-off the night with their floor filling party anthems and slowly the music turned into a slumber, 30 lucky sleep ravers spent the night listening to an 8-hour sleep-inducing DJ-set. The data from the participants was collected with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 watches and the data was analyzed by sleep expert Dr. Els van der Helm. Together with Mr. Belt & Wezol they discussed the best 90 minutes from the 8-hour set to produce the sleep track. The track was released at the start of the wintertime a change that has a notoriously bad effect on your sleep.

On October 16 during the very first Sleep Rave in the Netherlands, the data of 30 sleeping participants was collected via the Samsung Galaxy Watch6. An eight-hour DJ set, specially created to promote sleep was played to a live audience. The sleep scientist analyzed the smartwatch data to determine which parts of the set helped people fall asleep and how the music affected sleep cycles and sleep scores. Based on these findings, Mr. Belt & Wezol developed the ultimate sleep track.

Research shows that almost half (49.7%) of Dutch Millennials and Gen Z respondents experience a negative impact on their sleep by attending late night concerts. “82% of Dutch young people think that sleep has a significant impact on their overall performance, both at work and in daily life,” says Carlijn Prins, Marketing Communications Specialist IMD at Samsung Electronics Benelux. “Yet we see that they find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, we saw an opportunity to get the conversation going and, above all, make the subject more fun. In our collaboration with the Dutch DJ duo Mr. Belt & Wezol and sleep scientist Dr. Els van der Helm we bring science and music together. In this way, we create awareness about the importance of sleep and show how the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 helps users gain insight into their sleep patterns and work towards better sleep quality.”


“Rather than producing music that keeps people energized and dancing, our focus for this project was on music that helps people fall asleep faster,” says DJ duo Mr. Belt & Wezol. “After the Sleep Rave, we dug deep into the data from the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 to determine which elements of the set had the most positive effect on the Sleep Ravers’ sleep. Based on that we created this new track, Sleep Rave. For example, the collected data showed that the combination of electronic music with insect sounds evoked the most effective response from the participants. This could perhaps mean a rise for the ‘techno cricket’. We hope that it will help young people in the Netherlands to sleep better,” the DJs add.

“Translating the data from the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 into tangible guidelines for Mr. Belt & Wezol producing the track was not only an educational, but also a fun process. ” says sleep scientist Dr. Els van der Helm. “Science can seem quite boring, as can thinking about your sleeping habits, but this puts a really fun twist on working on your health and wellbeing through music.”

On Sunday October 29 2023, Samsung, in collaboration with Mr. Belt & Wezol and sleep expert Dr. Els van der Helm, released an innovative sleep track. The release coincided with the start of wintertime and the conclusion of the largest multi-day electronic music festival of the year in Amsterdam. The track has been specially developed to help Dutch young people in the Netherlands improve their sleep after a period known for irregular sleep patterns.

Watch the aftermovie by Mr. Belt & Wezol here.

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