Nov 23, 2022

Partners of the event

BandLab & LGND Music

6 masterclasses with 13 Spinnin’ Artists, Spinnin’ head of A&R & VP of marketing, our partners BandLab and LGND music. 3 hours of live demo drops.

We returned to Amsterdam Dance Event with our Spinnin’ Academy XL Live! Spinnin’ Academy is the place to be for producers who want to broaden their skillset in producing and their knowledge of the music industry. The day was filled with interesting Q&A's, panels and masterclasses.
We kicked off Spinnin’ Academy XL Live with the announcement that the submissions for World’s Biggest Demo Drop 2022 opened! Spinnin’ Head of A&R Jorn Heringa and DJ/Producers Chico Rose, MARF & Sander van Doorn gave us the tips and tricks on making an awesome demo and how to be a successful artist.

MC Haits sat down with Sam Feldt to discuss the different sides to being an artist. He gave us insight on starting Heartfeldt Records and more recently starting Heartfeldt Publishing. He filled us in on why he started Heartfeldt Foundation and the importance of keeping the party going in a sustainable way.

Firebeatz took us on journey through the BandLab application. They played around with loops and FX and discuss the benefits of the ease of using BandLab on the go to create tracks. BandLab go more in depth on the features and how the app can help you with submissions for World’s Biggest Demo Drop!
LUM!X gave us a complete track breakdown and explains step-by-step production of ‘Where Do We Go’. He walks us through the vocal chains, melody, drum loops, claps and a breakdown of his favorite part: the Drop.
Launching in early 2023, LGND Music makes it easy for music fans to get started building a complete music NFT collection while engaging with other passionate fans around the world. LGND Music and Spinnin’ have partnered to bring you many exciting programs for Artists and Fans.

To celebrate the start of the 2022 World's Biggest Demo Drop, we setup 5 demo-drops at the Q-Factory. From 12:30 until 4pm CEST, visitors were able to show their demo and get on-the-spot feedback from one of the 15 Spinnin’ artists or Spinnin' A&R themselves.

The stories across all social channels of Spinnin’ Records had an accumulated reach of 289.000. Our posts on the Talent Pool channel reached 14.883 people. In less than two weeks since uploading the masterclass edits on Youtube had already been viewed 3076 times.