Jan 11, 2022

We are so excited to talk about our partnership with Southeast Asia’s most innovative app publishers - Amanotes! The team at Amanotes has created some incredible games including Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop and Dancing Road, and currently boasts over 120 million monthly active users, and 2 billion total app downloads. Together with our sync department and publisher MusicalAllStars, we have licensed 400 songs from Spinnin' Records catalogue for use in all their popular games. But our partnership did not end there, as we added two new hit songs to the deal!

The first one being the worldwide hit ‘2 Phut Hon’ by Phao, who explained why this partnership was so important to her in this interview. Phao’s track was available during February and March of 2021 within the three different games, and in only two months, it gained even more popularity on YouTube with over 26 million views on user generated content. 

The second hit to be added to the deal was Squid Kids – Red Light, Green Light during November 2021. The song featured in two games: Tiles Hop and Magic Tiles 3, was played nearly 40 million times in the games, which resulted in 2,9 million views on user generated content on YouTube!
You can get your hands on these great games now, available through App Store or Google Play Store!