Blasterjaxx gave a virtual reality concert in Sansar

Nov 12, 2019

Social reach

360.000+ people reached on social media

Sold tickets

841 general admission show tickets sold  

Chat messages

Over 5K in-game chat message sent during the show

What is Sansar?
Sansar is a social virtual reality platform. The platform enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences, such as playing games, watching videos, having conversations in VR and attending in-game concerts.


Inside the Sansar game there is the possibility to host various events, something that translates well into the business of the live side of Spinnin’ Records and its artists: concerts. We found our way into the Nexus, the central world of Sansar, with an epic headline performance by Blasterjaxx. 

Next to an in-game concert, there was also the possibility for players to pick up exclusive virtual merch for their avatar, including new shirts, a new jacket a new glowing back wearable and a code for 10% off real life, unreleased Spinnin’ merch.

We promoted the concert with a social campaign on the Spinnin’ Records, Spinnin’ Sessions and Blasterjaxx socials with various posts.


  • The concert was a big success with 22.000 concurrent viewers for Sansar on
  • The leading live streaming platform for gamers, having 50 countries and 609 cities represented at the in-game concert
  • 841 general admission tickets sold for the show
  • An average of 39 minutes spent at the concert 
  • Over 5.000 messages sent during the show
  • We reached over 360.000 people across all social media.