Desperados & Kris Kross Amsterdam

Jun 14, 2016




Total reach more than 154.000


306.216 views on all videos

Kris Kross Amsterdam is one of the new acts of Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllstars Management that achieved its breakthrough in the last year. The success of the monster hit single 'Sex' with Cheat Codes is enormous and still keeps growing day by day. With over more than 175 million plays achieved on Spotify it's one of the major success singles in dance streaming history.

Next to the success in music, Kris Kross Amsterdam are highly successful in organizing events in Amsterdam. Kris Kross Amsterdam succeeds to sell out tickets of all events they organize way in advance.

Desperados is the ultimate party beer in the clubs in The Netherlands and largely present on festivals. As part of their online and social media strategy Desperados asked MusicAllstars Management and Kris Kross Amsterdam to be part of their communication strategy in reaching the party fans around The Netherlands. Going hand in hand both parties will launch several social media campaigns and integrations together on festivals and events for the coming period.