Reaching our younger target group with Gazelle

Aug 31, 2018


257 submissions for the Spinnin' Highschool Takeover, 25% of the Dutch Highschools

Snapchat geofilter

4.800 reach and 41,5% usage for a special Spinnin' x Gazelle Snapchat filter


5.752.685 social impressions


Gazelle is one of the leading bike manufacturers in The Netherlands with 250.000 bikes made per year. To connect with a younger audience, Gazelle teamed up with Spinnin’ Records to use dance music to promote their bikes.


Promote Gazelle as the cool brand for bikes among the young target group of 12 to 25 year olds with the use of Dance music.


Gazelle was involved in two big campaigns of Spinnin’ Records in the first half of 2018. Up first was the second edition of the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover, a contest for all Dutch highschools where they can win an epic highschool party hosted by Spinnin’ Records. Gazelle was integrated in all communication, mostly by using the Spinnin’ by Gazelle bike in all the social media promo. In total, 257 students from different schools participated in the contest to win the party.

The second campaign involved German festival Parookaville, where the 1,049 participants of the contest could win eight weekend tickets and an exclusive tour on the Spinnin’ by Gazelle bike around the festival terrain. With both of these campaigns, Gazelle reached a lot of young people in their target group during important moments of the year. With both campaigns we reached 3.223.967 people on social media.


With the success of the last two years of partnering up with Spinnin’ Records, Gazelle extended their partnership with the biggest Dance label in the world and was majorly involved in two campaigns in the first half of 2018. The first campaign of 2018 with Gazelle integrated was the second edition of the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover.

Last year the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover was a big success, so a second edition was inevitable. The Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover is a contest for all Dutch highschools where they are able to win the ultimate highschool party hosted by Spinnin’. This means a full-on party with a professional light installation, CO2 cannons and top DJ’s playing the best tunes of the moment. International top DJ Mike Williams was this year’s ambassador of the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover. As the face of the campaign, Mike was seen in all online promotion, like promo videos on social media where he was riding the Spinnin’ by Gazelle bike and hyping the target group for the contest. After registering for the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover, the students were asked to upload a photo or video to Instagram with the hashtag #HTO2018 and to tag Spinnin’ Records and Gazelle. In total, 257 students participated.  At the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover party, a Gazelle photobooth was present where students could take pictures with the Spinnin’ by Gazelle bike and a special Spinnin x Gazelle SnapChat filter was created.

Shortly after the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover, our second campaign started around German festival Parookaville. Together with Gazelle we set up a contest where contenders could win eight weekend tickets to Parookaville and an exclusive tour on Spinnin’ by Gazelle bikes around the festival terrain the day before the festival opened by none other than the festival director of Parookaville.

Both of these campaigns were held at important moments in the year for Gazelle, targeted at the hard to reach younger audience they want to promote their bikes to. With the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover we focused on Dutch highschool students between 12 and 18 years old, who almost all go to school by bike. After the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover, an important moment in the year started for Gazelle, as the summer break begins and lots of students want a new bike before the next school year starts. During this period, we set up the Parookaville campaign, reaching lots of Dutch and German students and even some younger parents. This fit perfectly within Gazelle’s strategy, as both the Netherlands and Germany are important focus markets for the bike manufacturer.

Both campaigns were a big success, reaching 3.223.967 people on social media. Next to that there were 257 participants for the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover and 1,049 contestants for the Parookaville contest. During the Spinnin’ Highschool Takeover the SnapChat filter was a big success, getting 4,800 views and a total of 41.5% usage of all the Snaps made during the party.