Spinnin' Records x Les Mills

Mar 26, 2020

Social reach

Reach 1,000,000+ people with a story ad on Spinnin’ Records socials
Reach 1,500,000+ people with a story ad on Mariana BO socials


325k+ views on the official music video on YouTube

Les Mills is on a mission to create a fitter planet. Their goal is not to get people to start working out but sparking a passion for (group)fitness. They inspire millions of people on a weekly basis to start working out by providing the best group fitness programs in the world.

The work outs Les Mills provides are all backed up by research and done with the best music. They currently have 17.500 clubs who provide Les Mills lessons in over 100 countries. The Les Mills Tribe currently consists of 130.000 certified trainers.

Create an authentic official music video for an upcoming release with Les Mills.

For the partnership with Les Mills we were looking for a strong track that fit the theme we were going for. In Mariana BO’s ‘Feeling Good’ we found the perfect match. The track embodies what we were looking for, a real feel good tune that gives you positive vibes. ‘Feeling Good’ is a uplifting track that makes you want to work out. On top of that Mariana BO is a great fit for the theme of the official music video where we could showcase a strong female.

The music video’s powerful message totally fits Les Mills’ brand. In the video you can see Mariana Bo struggling emotionally, she’s not feeling good, she takes action a by joining the BODYCOMBAT training. In the video we see Mariana Bo’s inner warrior defeating her demons/fears and becoming a stronger person.

This gave us the opportunity to heavily focus our marketing for this track on sports. From playlist pitching to online advertising and social posts, all had something to do with sports or working out. On the other hand, we cleared the track for Les Mills to use in their work out lessons they host all over the world, combining the best of both fitness and music.

We’re very happy with the partnership results, especially how we were able to market the track on various platforms. We reached 1,000,000+ people with a story ad on Spinnin’ Records socials and ran an even better performing ad on Mariana BO’s socials reaching over 1,500,000+ people. The official music video on YouTube is now at 280,000+ views.