Mediamarkt & DJ Quintino

Sep 20, 2015


1.2 mln


> 20.000 views on the aftermovie

High schools

400 school registrations

Mediamarkt, a European electronics retailer, launched a Back 2 School: Happy New School Year! campaign for high school and college students. They wanted to target this ‘fairly’ new target audience because nowadays you can’t be in high school following your classes without some use of electronic devices. In their search for a social media activation for this campaign they came across Spinnin’ Records.

Together with advertising agency JWT we came up with a campaign where you could actually win the ultimate schoolbreak to launch your back to school moment. The ultimate schoolbreak was a 15 minute long dance event where DJ Quintino surprised one lucky school in The Netherlands. No one except the head principal and price winner knew this would happen which was the ultimate surprise and the best start of the school year ever!