Sinner & Spinnin’ Festival Shades

Jun 2, 2016

As part of the strategy of Spinnin’ Records to start a special merchandise line consisting out of more than regular merchandise alone, Sinner and Spinnin’ Records together launch a Festival Shades Line in the webshop environment of Spinnin’, online at Sinner and in several retailpartners of Sinner Shades. As the fanbase of Spinnin’ Records already reached over 25 million people in 2016, Spinnin’ Records wants to offer its fans unique products next to the ever continuing launch of good music. Because in the end Spinnin’ Records is all about good music.

The festival shades will become part of the strategy of Spinnin’ Records in communicating the location of the Spinnin store and the launch of new products for fans within the shop on a continuing basis.

Check out the webshop here.