Spinnin’ Hotel & Bud Light

Mar 23, 2016


> 500.000 views on Snapchat reports


Highly visible for 6.000 visitors

Product Placement

Product placement in Social Media content from event

Anheuser Busch, the world's largest brewery is a main partner of the events during Miami Music Week. With the introduction of the Spinnin’ Hotel as part of the Miami Music Week with five events in a row, Anheuser Busch became partner of the Spinnin’ Hotel with Bud Light as main focus brand.

Next to brand presence, Bud Light was activated by a Brand Activation team of beautiful beach models and had numerous brand activations at Spinnin’ Hotel. Besides on-site, Bud Light was also activated in social media posts, by integrating the brand in pictures, videos, Snapchat stories and the official aftermovie.