Spinnin' Records x Activision / Call of Duty

Nov 12, 2019


Almost 1 million organic reach on social media in four days time


Around 800 to 1000 viewers at any moment across all streams


Full video of the stream is at 70.000+ views

What is Activision/Call of Duty?

Activision is an American video game publisher and serves as the publishing business for its parent company Activision Blizzard. Major titles produced by Activision Blizzard include Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a first-person shooter first launched in 2003, its latest installment just released in October 2019 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Promote the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare during the worldwide launch by hosting a livestream with Blasterjaxx, Firebeatz, Yarasky and Amrish Gayadien on various channels.


To promote the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we had the idea of hosting a livestream with two artists and two gamers who will play the game on the day of launch. Game fanactis Idir from Blasterjaxx and Tim from Firebeatz were immediately on board and Yarasky and Amrish Gayadien were the pro gamers who joined them.

Four days before the launch of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we started promo for this partnership. We published a Facebook event on Tuesday and posted across all our channels to notify our fans of the livestream on Friday. A day later we sent out a message to join the Facebook event through our Messenger bot to our 81.200 contacts, of which 59.300 opened the message. This helped us gather 800 people in the Facebook event. 

Meanwhile on our other social platforms we posted creative content to increase engagement for the partnership. On Friday we did one last post when the stream started on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube on our own social channels plus on the artist and gamer channels. At the same time a giveaway was started on the Instagram accounts of Blasterjaxx and Firebeatz where you could win a copy of the new Call of Duty for yourself. During the stream we also gave away various copies of the game.


With around 800-1000 concurrent views across Facebook, Twitch and YouTube and almost 1 million people reached organically with this small campaign, we’re extremely happy with the results. The total reach of the whole campaign is 1.591.335 in five days time.