Spinnin' Records x TikTok

Jun 17, 2020

Reaching billion+ target audiences with TikTok and Spinnin' Records

As the leading dance label in the world, we’re always looking for new ways to promote our music, find new marketing angles and engage in exciting partnerships. One new way we’re exploring right now are branded TikTok campaigns. We first tried it in September 2019 with Sam Feldt’s smash hit ‘Post Malone’ and are more recently one with CG5’s ‘Absolutely Anything’.

EOS lipcare x #makeitawesome

Back in 2019, one of the biggest hits of the year came from Sam Feldt with his track ‘Post Malone’. A successful marketing campaign ran on multiple platforms and the TikTok users also found their way to the song. When the song was at its peak, we teamed up with Bytedance (of TiKToK) and EOS lipcare to start the branded hashtag #makeitawesome on TikTok. The challenge was all about showing what awesome tricks you can do, from trampoline stunts to quick drawing art, all kinds of great content was created. Multiple influencers engaged with the hashtag, which has over 4 billion views now, with the most popular video receiving 8.8 million likes.

CG5 x Olay skincare  x #SpaDeOlay

More recently, we teamed up with Olay skincare and Platinum Rye on the hashtag #SpaDeOlay. The track used with the hashtag, CG5’s ‘Absolutely Anything’, fits perfectly with its uplifting lyrics about beauty. The purpose of the challenge is for TikTok users to show their skincare routines while staying at home during COVID-19. For three days, the paid influencer videos got featured in the discovery section of the app to promote the hashtag to boost traffic and help users engage. The hashtag is currently at 2.1 billion views with the most popular video reaching 5+ million likes.


Sam Feldt – Post Malone

  • 20 day campaign
  • 60.000 videos made
  • 4 billion views for the #makeitawesome hashtag
  • 49.000 plays for the track in TikTok

CG5 – Absolutely Anything

  • 3 day campaign
  • 9951 video’s made
  • 2.1 billion views for the #SpaDeOlay hashtag