Lucas & Steve x LG

Aug 24, 2021

Lucas & Steve are known for producing worldwide hits and true festival bangers capable of bringing happiness to many faces.

Besides their melodic production and addictive hooks, one of their secrets is simple - to make sure their tracks always sound the best, no matter from where you’re listening to! It can be from the car, your phone, your home speakers, or from the mainstage of a festival! No matter from which device, Lucas & Steve produce all of their tracks with this in mind.

And for exactly this reason, the Dutch duo found a partner that values the same quality - LG! With LG TONE Free earbuds and the LG Soundbar you can listen to music from any device with the best sound quality possible! In this partnership, Lucas and Steve highlight their producing process and give fans an insight into their flow when creating tracks with the best quality. 

The video shows what is needed when to produce a track for radio or a festival banger; for every occasion, the tracks have to sound perfect! 

To make the best out of this partnership, we ran a campaign on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We kept the focus of the campaign on Gen-Z, reaching more than 2 million people with ads on Facebook and Instagram, and 60.000 organically. On YouTube we received almost 100K impressions. 

Check out the YouTube video for more info: