Spotify Running & Spinnin Running Original GO!

Jun 16, 2016

First playlist

First label playlist in Spotify Running


Over 15 million plays on Playlist on june 1st 2016


> 1.5 million people reached via social channels


> 50.000 likes, shares and comments on social media coverage

World famous streaming service Spotify has a history in providing features that are highly successful in bringing the music experience to the next level. In this case Spotify and Spinnin’ Records teamed up in the launch of Spotify Running, a feature that enables an athlete to run with Spotify and have the music adjusted to his or her speed.

Spinnin’ Records was the first label to compile a playlist totally inspired on the running experience of music fans. Aptly titled ‘GO!’, the playlist incorporated dance tracks from DJ’s on the Spinnin’ Records labels and together with the technicians of Spotify adjusted these remixes to more BPM’s as a runner runs faster.

To celebrate this unique partnership Spotify and Spinnin’ Records launched a release party during the Amsterdam Dance Event, celebrating the ‘GO!' playlist with performances by DJ’s Oliver Heldens, Kris Kross Amsterdam and Joe Stone. This way, press, celebrities and fans got a taste of what to expect when you start working out with Spotify Running, and Spinnin’s ‘GO!’ playlist giving you the energy.