Spinnin' Hotel is on!

Mar 16, 2016

It's finally here, the five-day event Spinnin' Hotel kicks off in Miami today! If you might not be in the Florida sun these days, here's how you can get a taste of it anyway..

It's an impressive part of the Miami Music Week, the series of pool party's going down these days at the Nautilus Hotel, fittingly re-named Spinnin' Hotel for the occasion.

Now we already mentioned the line-ups of the five-day event, as well as the addition of DJs like Bob Sinclar and R3hab to the program. But as the first pool party takes place today, hosted by Spinnin' Sessions, we thought it would be good you know how to catch an impression of the parties this week. 

First up, get in touch with Spinnin's Snapchat account (@spinninrecords), as there's going to be several live reports here during every party:

And then there's a special Snapchat Take Over we're doing today on the Beatport channel, be sure to check on that too through @beatport:

Also, check out Spinnin's Instagram page, where you can find regular updates on what's going on at the hotel this week. You'll get a regular dose of pool party every day until Sunday, when the Spinnin' Hotel finishes things off with the Spinnin' Deep event.

So...enjoy this week, we'll seeya at the pool!