ADE Report: Spinnin' Records on Wednesday

Oct 19, 2016

Every day we are taking the time to let you guys know what is up and happening around Spinnin’ Records and the Amsterdam Dance Event. Today is the first official day and we are already filled with excitement with today’s madness. Here we go: Spinnin’s ADE Wednesday! 

Opening Pop-Up Store
This year we're bringing you our very own Amsterdam Dance Event Pop-up Store. This Pop-up Store will be an event on its own! Besides offering Spinnin’ Records and artist merchandise products, the Pop-up Store also hosts A&R sessions, Meet & Greets with the DJ’s, let’s you listen to new tunes and gives you a chance to win last minute access to the best ADE Events!

Furthermore, the Pop-up Store will provide a sneak peak in what’s coming next from Spinnin’ Records, so make sure not to miss this Pop-up Store! 

Open from October 19, till October 23 from 12 till 6 PM CET.
Reestraat 14, Amsterdam.

Carta's Corner

This week we sat down with Carta for an exclusive interview to talk about his plans during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The time is here, Carta’s Corner is up and running and open for everybody!

You will get the chance to meet this rising star from China. Carta will also present a brand new line of merchandise and he will be joined by some of his DJ friends. We heard that Mike Williams, Dastic and Curbi will definitely be there amongst many others.

Open from October 19, till October 22 from 12 till 6 PM CET.
Prinsengracht 378, Amsterdam.

Meet & greet: Mike Williams
Of course, there's lots going on at Spinnin's Pop-up Store, including meet & greets with some of the best Spinnin' artists out there. Today, among others Mike Williams was there, meeting up with his fans as well as joining a presentation by Sony, for whom he's the face of their new Extra Bass Audio line!

Bridges For Music
Also going down today, the presentation of a cheque for Bridges For Music, a non-profit organization gathering key players of the music industry to support its responsible development in developing countries.

For this particular project, BFM is building a music studio in Cape Town, South-Africa, giving young producers there a chance of making music. And as Spinnin' Records also works worldwide, promoting and supporting new music projects everywhere, the label was eager to support this.

And so, today at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), it was officially announced Spinnin' Records has donated 15.555 euros to this good cause, enthusiastically supported by the ADE organisation. Get more info at the Bridges For Music website:

Spinnin' Sessions ADE
And tonight it’s time for Spinnin’ Sessions! It's one of ADE's highlights, the Spinnin' Sessions party, this year taking place at the opening night on Wednesday. If you're coming over, don't hesitate to join the party, as this is going to be one for the books!

October 19, from 10 PM till 5 AM
Spinnin' Sessions X ADE at AIR Amsterdam
Amstelstraat 24, Amsterdam