Exclusive Miami tips & tricks with Kryder and The Him!

Mar 22, 2019

You already have the perfect Miami outfit and you know a couple of good spots! Now Kryder and The Him will give you some tips to make your time in Miami and Spinnin' Hotel more exciting.

Miami is awesome and time flies when you're having fun! Will Miami ever get bored or not be fun? Maybe, the day after the best party of your life. Imagine you're drunk, want to get some sleep and can't find your own bed. Kryder has an amazing tip: "A strangers bed, bad decisions make good stories!". And Kryder has some good stories...

So look for a stranger's bed and create the same experience like Kryder!

The Him has also a good tip: "Find a beach with an umbrella and you will be fine", they say. Combine the tip with this one and you will have the best night of your life, it's a promise!



After a good night you probably want something to drink or to eat. But all of the restaurants are expensive or just not what you're looking for. The guys of The Him have an awesome restaurant that will send you to heaven! For them, Twenty Seven is the best restaurant of Miami: "It's hard to find, but when you taste the food it feels like you're in heaven". So go for it, check it out and be in heaven for a little while! 

In this photo, The Him probably just came back from heaven. 

These were the tips of Kryder and The Him! Want to know more about the best spots in Miami? Check out these tips with Sander van Doorn, Throttle and Bassjackers.