Mr. Belt & Wezol's ADE demo ride with SIXT

Oct 29, 2016


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It's one of the most popular features on Mr. Belt & Wezol's vlog channel on Youtube, the Demo Ride. Loaded with a bunch of freshly made demos, the Dutch duo steps into the car, listens to the demos and gives feedback, all while the camera is running. During Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, Mr. Belt & Wezol collaborated with car rental company SIXT and the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool to organize a very unique Demo Ride.

Mr. Belt & Wezol picked several winners from the Demo Ride drop on their website, who were invited to ride along in a BMW 6 series especially designed for this demo ride. They got feedback from none other than Mr. Belt & Wezol, Mike Williams, Curbi, Alok and Sam Feldt!

Maarten Ordelman, Sr. Marketing Manager at Sixt rent a Car: 

" By partnering with Spinnin’ Records to host the ADE Demoride, Sixt was able to connect in a unique and impactful way with a young and relevant audience. "